Project Description


Like their namesake, ant moore wines are free spirited.

As a winemaker, Ant is an experimenter, a creative oenologist who sees – and does – things differently.

From the introduction of wild ferments to the elimination of fining and barrel aging his Sauvignon Blanc, there is care and consideration in every ant moore wine that is usually reserved for wines well above their price point.

Ant Moore wines are born in the beautiful valleys of Marlborough in New Zealand’s South Island. We own and lease 195 ha of vineyards across the region.

The Awatere, Waihopai, and Wairau Valley soils and stones create unique vines that are distinctive to the Marlborough region. With clear skies and warm weather, the vines are quick to ripen and produce very fruit-driven wines. With these perfect conditions, Ant and his team are meticulously crafting a mix of science and art.

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