Project Description


Ever since 1693, when the first De Wet was appointed as Cellar Master of the Dutch East India Company, wines and horses have been a family passion.  Fast forward on 150 years and the story of SMATE begins in the 1830’s with the tale of two brothers, Hendrik and Daniel.

They grew up on a small holding on the outskirts of Worcester, where their father grew fruit and raised cattle.   Living on a farm meant that the brothers learnt to ride almost before they could walk, especially as many of the tasks were done with the aid of a horse, particularly farming of the land.

Horses soon became a beloved passion that the two of them shared and there was one horse that was a particular favourite, a mare by the name of Pearl.

Before long, Hendrik (the oldest brother) had met and fallen in love with a pretty, young lady, Susanna. He proposed and they were soon to be married. To show his love for her, he gifted her with his prized mare’s first foal, a beautiful colt by the name of SMATE.

SMATE was very high-spirited and too much for Hendrik’s young fiancé to handle on her own.  As her husband to be was busy helping his father run the farm, it fell to Daniel to help Susanna break the young colt in.

During this time life was quiet, peaceful and relatively prosperous on the farm. However, this would not last for long…

It would seem that Daniel had himself fallen for the charms of the young Susanna and in a rather daring move he ran off with his older brother’s fiancé, including the colt that had been gifted to her.

In order to escape the somewhat understandable wrath of his older brother, Daniel (known in his family as Daniel the Dastard) and his new wife settled on a remote farm on the fringes of Robertson.

Here, despite his dastardly action, he prospered greatly and lived very happily with his wife and their nine children.

We created the SMATE label to remember the colt that had brought Daniel and Susanna such joy and prosperity.

Light straw in the glass, this is a full-bodied and complex wine
which showcases yellow apple and citrus aromas which is
complimented by a distinct nuttiness.
On the palate, the extended lees contact gives the wine
a creamy mouthfeel which is perfectly off set by elegant acidity.
Lime green in colour with prominent guava
and citrus aromas emanating from the glass.
These flavours follow through on a medium-bodied
palate with an excellent fruit/acid balance.
The wine has a lingering fruity aftertaste.
Pale straw in colour with a greenish tint.
On the nose tropical flavours of passion fruit and guava dominate,
but there is also a distinct underlying flintiness and some grassiness.
The palate shows flavours of lime and ripe figs and the wine finishes
refreshingly dry and crisp.
An exciting, aromatic white wine with prominent
apricot and lemon peel aromas.
There is also distinct perfume and spicy aromas on
both the nose and palate so typical of this variety.
The textured palate ensures that this is a full-bodied
wine and the well- balanced acidity lends the wine elegance and freshness.
This versatile Rosé is made from the Grenache grape.
A stunning, salmon pink colour in the glass, this wine
exudes loads of red berry fruit aromas on the nose
and palate including strawberries and raspberries.
Impeccable balance between the sweet fruit aromas
and the acidity of the wine, ensures excellent drinkability.
Fragrant sweet wine with fruity notes of
passion fruit and pineapple on the nose.
An aromatic sweet red.
On the nose ripe blueberries and prunes
which carry through to the taste.
A classic example of Cabernet Sauvignon with
a dark purplish red colour.
Cassis, liquorice and some savoury notes on the nose,
give way to a full-bodied palate.
Excellent balance between the tannins, acid and fruit.
The acidity gives freshness to the palate.
An exuberant and youthful red wine.
Intensely colored in the glass, the wine exudes red berry fruit
complimented by whiffs of coffee and dark chocolate.
The wine is full-bodied on the palate with fine tannins lending
excellent structure whilst still ensuring great drinkability.
A fine partner to a variety of matured cheeses.
This fine example of SA’s own variety, is deep ruby in colour.
On the nose, flavours of blackcurrant, violets and a distinct
pleasant smokiness are prevalent.
The wine is soft and supple in the mouth and the well-balanced
acidity ensures the wine has a pleasant, lingering aftertaste.
This complex and full bodied red wine has an abundance of
black berry fruit and spicy aromas on both the nose and palate.
There is also some savoury notes so typical of this cultivar.
The tannins on the palate are prominent but in good balance
with the acidity and fruit.
A wine with a classic structure but still wonderfully drinkable in its youth.
Enjoy this wine with venison or biltong.
A unique blend of Shiraz and Viognier.
On the nose ripe blueberries and plum with a delicate
touch of spice and oak.
Silky smooth on the palate, with a fruity finish.