Project Description


The name Arabella was chosen as a word play on the beautiful Arabian horses, which grace its verdant pastures.

The land that Arabella is established on has been in the De Wet family since the 1860’s.  As the vineyards had been established many years previously, it was assured that top quality wines would be produced at Arabella. The first vintage from the cellar was produced in 2006 and Arabella got off to an auspicious start when the Arabella Shiraz 2007 won a double gold at the Michelangelo International Wine Challenge.

We’ve found that people tend to like full bodied, soft and fruity wines.  This is something which comes from the vineyard.  If you get it wrong in the vineyard you cannot correct it in the cellar.

From the beginning this has been Arabella’s philosophy that great wine is made in the vineyards.

To this end we do everything possible to ensure that the grapes which we receive into our cellar are of the very best quality. It is impossible to make good wine from substandard and unripe grapes.  Ultimately, we want our customers to have a special experience when drinking Arabella wines.

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