Project Description


TRADITION SINCE 1882  Our tradition begins in 1882 with Angiolo Piccini, from a small family enterprise of 7 ha.  Guided only by passion for winemaking, from him the next generation inherited the most important rule in Piccini winemaking:  “It is not how much you do, but how much passion you put in the doing.”

Nowadays, Tenute Piccini has four separate estates in its portfolio and ranks as one of the most recognized brands in Tuscan wine in the world.  Mario, Martina and Elisa Piccini, now the IV generation Piccini Family remember what their father once said: “Everything that we do in the present is both for the past and for the future.”

This has been Piccini’s guiding philosophy over the generations of the family, putting together the great values of the past and keeping our constant focus on the future.