Project Description


In 1923 Johan Abraham Van Zyl settled in the undeveloped, rugged mountain ridge of the Piekenierskloof. He was one of 5 sons from a family who lived on a farm which today forms part of the town of Citrusdal. When the time came for the brothers to branch out on their own, lots were drawn to determine which brother will have the daunting task of braving the untamed Piekenierskloof mountain. The lot fell on an unmarried brother, prompting Johan Abraham’s wife, Wilhelmina, to declare that she and Johan should rather move up to the mountain because the appointed brother will have a hard time developing the farm without the support of a wife! In due course vines were planted on other farms in the area, creating the need for a winery.

In 1957 Citrusdal winery was established. In 1959 Johan Abraham’s son Carel van Zyl moved down the road to Bergendal where the first Chenin Blanc and Muscat vineyards he planted in 1962 can still be visited today. After several developments in the recent past, amongst them the name change to ‘Piekenierskloof Wine Company’, Carel’s two sons, Oubaas and Potgieter van Zyl as well as their sister Mientjie Mouton, now own the winery and have embarked on a mission to develop the immense potential of the area and its vines.